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UK Independence Party Cheltenham Branch

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The UK Independence Party is the UK’s fastest growing political movement – and the only party offering a radical alternative to the out of touch major parties.

For years the UK has been dominated by these three main parties. The massive rise of UKIP signals a long overdue revolution in British politics. Over the last year UKIP has seen massive growth and has shrugged off the misconception that it is simply a party of protest.

UKIP now attracts approximately 30% of the vote.

UKIP has been winning support from across the political spectrum as more and more people realise that the old three party system has failed our country.

Welcome to the website of the Cheltenham branch of UKIP.

The core principles of UKIP include:

Read more about our core principles here:   What we stand for.

New members are always welcome, as are contributions to the work within the branch. Please feel free to suggest any community events to add to the calendar or organisations to be added to the links page.

If you have any particular issues within your local neighbourhood or need help or advice, again please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance. UKIP is here to help and support everyone in Cheltenham.

Cutting Out The Waste

A reduction in government spending, a huge reduction in wasteful spending

Controls on Immigration

An end to open borders and mass immigration of non-skilled workers

An end to high taxes to reinvigorate our ailing economy

Low Taxes

Lower Council Tax

An end to Council advertising and vanity projects – more money in your pocket

Protection of the Greenbelt
No more unnecessary housing development on our greenbelt

Independence from Europe

A Britain governed by Parliament and not controlled by unelected officials in Brussels

Small Government

An end to Big Brother and the Nanny State, more freedom for the individual